Here is my list of online friends I have met.

The first friend I met was Geline. I’ve known her since 2009. I first knew about her when we were on Friendster. I was running a Vanessa Hudgens fanclub and she owns a Taylor Swift fanclub. Then when Friendster closed, we had our own domains. Hers was and mine is She is a fan of Taylor Swift. She is an officer at Taylor Swift Philippines and also my co-officer at Selena Gomez Philippines. We’re both from Quezon City and we’re both studying at Far Eastern University Manila (I just transferred to UPD).

We have a common friend. That common friend was her classmate in high school and was my classmate in college. So during one of FEU Men’s Basketball Team’s game, I saw her rushing down the escalator to meet me. Then, we took this picture.

I look ugly, I know. I was not prepared. I was a bit shocked and surprised.

The second friend I met was Mei. It was her nickname or pseudonym. Now, people call her Snaefel. I knew her since 2009 via Friendster. Back during our Friendster days, she owns a Jonas Brothers fanclub named JoBrosUltimate. She is also from Quezon City. She is also studying in Far Eastern University (but in Diliman). We have a common friend. This common friend of ours was her elementary classmate and was one of my high school best friends. They live only a few meters away from each other and I live one tricycle ride away from them. lol Our meet-up was by incident. I was in no way planning to see her. It just happened to be that on August 8, while I was exiting SM Fairview (I watched Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters), I saw a very familiar face on my right. I looked at her so intensely as I was trying to remember her. The good thing was, she’s also looking at me. Then she smiled at me and I did the same. That’s the time I noticed that she was with someone. We don’t have a picture together though. That was really unexpected. After that encounter, I’ve been seeing her multiple times on random days.

This is her. She has a baby face.

The third person I met was Kim. She’s a Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens fan just like me. I don’t know how and when did I meet her online but Facebook says that we’ve been Facebook friends since July 2010 but I believe that I knew her before somewhere else.

Last 2011, I chose her to be in Vanessa Hudgens Philippines’ Featured Fan of the Month.

Anyway, we were both at Zac Efron’s fan conference last September 2012 but we were not able to meet each other. I actually saw her. I was about to approach her to get the ticket that I won (I already have my Patron ticket but I decided to still join the giveaway) from her friend’s online giveaway (who was with her during that time) but I got nervous so I backed off. lol I also saw her inside the MOA arena during the fan conference. She met Zac during the said event because she was one of the 100 fans who won meet and greet with Zac and I envy her soooooooo much. Who wouldn’t?

Last August 31, we planned to watch Vanessa Hudgens’ new movie entitled The Frozen Ground in SM North Edsa. It was a fun experience.

We’re Nessasaurs. πŸ˜‰

The 4th person I met was Erika. Hitting two birds with one stone. The picture above was me, Kim, and Erika. I was their mutual online friend. Supposedly, that was a gathering of Filipino fans of Vanessa Hudgens. But then again for the second time around, I failed to unite them all. Conflicting schedules, eh? Yeah, it was. So I just decided to watch the movie with the girls who had no conflicting schedules with mine.

I forgot how and when did I know Erika but Facebook says that we’ve been Facebook friends since April 2013. She also lives in Quezon City. And I’m only a jeep ride away from her place.

We again. πŸ˜€

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