I spent the first 7 years of my life in Quezon province, currently spending the rest in Quezon City.

Hello! I am Kate Lyne Soleil, a 23-year-old Science and Health Education cum laude graduate of University of the Philippines. I am the founder of Vanessa Hudgens Philippines and I used to run its website since 2009 until Hollywood decided to include it in thousands of fan sites that were taken down last August 2015. Nevertheless, we’re still active on Facebook and Twitter. Right now, I am an active officer of Selena Gomez Philippines. I also lent my web designs to some fan sites when I was still a teenager.

I’ve been blogging since 2009 and I’ve tried using different platforms like Friendster (it’s possible with the help of HTML stuff), Multiply, Blogspot, Tumblr, Cutenews, and finally WordPress (the .org not the .com). I also had multiple domains (including katelynesoleil.com but someone hacked it) before I started using i.flaunt.nu since 2012.

Currently, I spend my free time watching Asian dramas and taking care of my 7 dogs (Betty, Beddy, Bewwy, Belly, Beppy, Bevvy, Bebby) and 6 puppies.


Having my own fan site is an advantage. It is the key to be approached by Vanessa Hudgens’ team to write for her website. Unfortunately last August 2015, my fan site was one of the hundreds of fan sites taken down by Hollywood.

VH Official Website

A lot of fans submitted their pictures and a few were chosen as the winners. I was!

VH Official Website | VH Official Facebook


• Be the richest teacher! (I doubt)
Graduate college
• Master’s Degree
• Doctorate Degree
• Own a business with my sister
Watch KPOP concerts
• Meet Vanessa Hudgens
Meet Zac Efron (09/29/12) HOW?
• Meet Zac Efron again (Why not?)
• Meet anyone from Harry Potter
• Meet anyone from Percy Jackson
Meet Misagh Bahadoran (10/21/12) HOW?
New phone
• Watch an Azkals game
My own laptop
Own pairs of Ecko Red sneakers
• Earn big amount of money
Permanent hair curls
• Visit any Disneyland
• Visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
• Visit at least 10 countries


If you decide to read this part of my blog, please proceed with caution. I won’t be held responsible if my words get into your nerves.

I am Kate Lyne Soleil – never a conformist, sometimes a web designer, often a drama watcher, usually wears long sleeves, always a content creator.

I have been around the blogosphere since 2009 (and had countless of domains since then). I blog what I want. Well, I am sorry if I am wasting your precious time reading my useless blog. But one thing is for sure, I believe I was skilled enough to run and design my own blog (and a lot of websites) at such a young age (13 y/o). Thanks to hackers (envious internet users) for letting me develop my skills by starting new blogs every year.

I know there are already plenty of bloggers and we can now see that blogging is becoming a mainstream. But I don’t care. Though I admit that I am happy that some of the bloggers who were once my friends are now very famous and are living their dreams, what I dislike is the fact that they do not recognize us any more. *cries* The way we blog before is now very different than the way we do now.

My blog serves as my space to vent out everything I want to. I know I was never careful of my words (as the title of my blog says, I Flaunt) and I do not care much to keep a readership. For years, I have never took blogging seriously (and I still don’t). The only reason I still blog until now is that I enjoy exchanging thoughts with other people. I am grateful enough to receive 36 unique comments in just one blog post (about Filipino street food) in my old domain.

When I was young, I enjoyed reading lifestyle blogs, beauty blogs, fashion blogs, etc. I fancied them so much that I want to change the way I lived my life. But now, I don’t even visit them anymore. I had a realization – it’s quite easy to forget that people only post their best moments online. This is why I started enjoying reading personal blogs instead. I feel like these blogs have the most genuine and real content. They need not to maintain an image online. The bloggers I like are those who share their life misadventures; and they inspire me more because they open their lives to everyone. So if you’re not a personal blogger and if we ever meet offline, what are we going to talk about? Your shoes? Ha! So shallow.

2 thoughts on “The Blogger”

  1. Hi Kate! I used to blog back in 2008 too. I was using Blogspot. All I do was post personal stuff there because I feel like no one was reading it but when 2011 came I decided to delete it haha. and now Im going back again I hope I can stay it but instead of doing personal blog I just made it an art and design blog because I think that is where I am good at. I tried web development but I cant catch up to today’s web language lol.

    Have a nice day!

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