I have 3 scholarships for this semester. I am just so happy and excited right now that I cannot wait to write that sentence. But do you know what makes it more unbelievable? It all happened in one week. ONE. WEEK. Yes, I received the confirmation messages this week.

Someone please pinch me! Am I dreaming? This is supposed to be the most hectic semester of my life but blessings just keep on coming. Sometimes desperation does really good things. Anyway, if you’re still interested in knowing how I was blessed with 3 scholarships in one week, just continue reading.

I started this semester with a mindset that this will be the hardest semester of my education life ever. I have reasons why. First, I am taking Math 109, EDR 169, and Koreyano 11 this semester. You might be asking ‘so what?’. Well, all of the people I know who took the Math 109 course had it more than twice because they failed it during their first try. What makes it worse is that I got the ‘worst’ professor for Math 109. Everyone avoids her. I know someone who was failed more than four times by the same professor. Right now, I have a classmate who is taking it for the third time. This semester is my first try and I am hoping for the best. But honestly, I am asking for a miracle! Next, EDR 169 is the most hassle Education course according to the former students of this course. Also, my professor in Koreyano 10 is not my professor in Koreyano 11 so it is very hard to adjust. Plus, learning a foreign language as an adult is no easy thing according to research. These are just few of the reasons that I can share to this blog why I consider this semester as a very important major turning point in my life. I had been a big disappointment to my family during my first few years in college that is why I can no longer be as free-spirited as I was before. I once lost hope in life but now, I am writing this to somehow inspire struggling college students.

Last June, I found out that my current scholarship will expire on August. That is why last July, I looked for new scholarship offers. I went to my university’s office of scholarships and asked for application forms. I found two scholarships that offer great benefits (which basically means big amount of allowance) and passed my application forms. When the deadline came and I still hadn’t received any confirmation, I decided to look for more scholarship offers. Out of desperation, I ended up passing 4 more application forms to scholarships that do not offer as much benefits as the first two. The deadline for the 4 scholarships also ended. I lost hope.

August passed by and I had not heard anything from any of my 6 scholarship applications. My current scholarship has just expired as well. But during the last day of August, I received a Facebook message from one of the former scholars of my current scholarship. He told me that they were looking for new scholars so he sent me the application form. I was so worried because compare to my grades last year, my grades this semester was quite low (but still worthy of being in the Dean’s list). The following day, he told me he already received the conformation message so I checked my email but there was not any. I waited for weeks until I finally got the text confirming that I was indeed chosen once again by them. I cried of happiness. But that’s not all. It’s just the beginning.

September 13, a shareholder of the company who awarded me the scholarship decided to meet all of the returning and new scholars together with the Dean of my college. However an hour before that, during my Math 109 class, I was waiting for the confirmation of the place where the meeting will be held only to receive a text message from an unknown number. In a very informal way of typing, it says that someone from my university’s office of scholarships was asking me to report to Vinzons Hall. At that very moment, I knew it has something to do with the scholarships I had applied for two months ago. I sent 6 scholarship applications last July and I had never heard anything from them until now.

Right after the meeting with a shareholder of the company of my first scholarship and the Dean, I went straight to Vinzons Hall. The staff who texted me a while ago confirmed that I was accepted as the scholar of an association. Out of my 6 applications, this is the scholarship I least expected to get something from because they were only looking for 1 junior student of UP Diliman and I was the chosen one. I am truly blessed. The staff asked me to make a Landbank account and to write a thank-you letter to my sponsor. As soon as I exited their office, I jumped for joy. But that’s not all.

Two days later (September 16), I went back to their office to pass the papers they asked from me. I heard one of the staffs there say “Is that her (pertaining to me)?” The staff who texted me two days ago replied “Yes, she’s Ms. Sta. Rita.” Then she told me that I was also accepted as the scholar of a company. I asked them if it is okay to accept two scholarships at the same time and they told me that the higher official of our university approved it. So I happily accepted both of the scholarships. As soon as I exited their office, I went home straight to tell my family of the amazing news.

To conclude this week of my life, last September 13, I was officially recognized as a returning scholar of my previous scholarship and I was also accepted as a scholar of an association; then last September 16, I was told that I was also chosen as a scholar of a company. As if 3 scholarships are not yet enough, I received something special last September 14 as well. I won first place in my college’s 2016 Tagisan ng Talino Quiz Bee. Together with 2 guys, we were the representatives of Mathematics department. We beat the other 7 departments. I originally had no plans of joining the quiz bee. However when I saw the list of participants, there were no representatives from the departments of Special Education, Science, and Mathematics. That’s when I knew I had to join. So I immediately convinced my friend who is also a Mathematics major to join me. But the minimum number of representatives is three so one of the organizers pulled a guy from somewhere I don’t know and that’s how our team was formed. We don’t usually participate in our college’s activities so this is such a big deal for me and my friend.

Those, my friends, are the reasons why this week is the best week of my life so far. While I was thanking God through prayers, I realized that all the events this week (being accepted as a scholar of 2 companies and 1 association and winning the quiz bee) is probably His way of telling me that I can survive this semester. I feel like He is once again reminding me of the skills and knowledge He gifted me. The blessings I have is actually the reason why being a philanthropist is my main goal in life.

PS: This is what I got from winning the quiz bee.

Using the prize money we got, my friends and I ate in a New York style pizzeria.

Because it is still unbelivable to think that all of these blessings were given to me in a week, my family asked me to buy lottery tickets.

I actually do not want to try my luck in lottery because I believe that the blessings I got are just the fruits of my hardwork with the help of God’s guidance. But I still bought lottery tickets just to fulfill my family’s request.

18 thoughts on “The best week of my life”

  1. That’s awesome Kate! Congrats on your well deserved scholarships!

    For a minute, I was confused as to what “Koreyano” was and realized after a Google search that it was Korean, haha. Kudos to trying to learn a new language as an adult. My mom struggles with learning English every day, even though she’s been here for over 20 years now.

  2. Congrats on your three scholarships. Very well deserved! Unfortunately, I only lived in the Philippines for the first 10 years of my life that I really don’t know how the school system works over there (I went to a Montessori school). I do have four cousins and a few friends who graduated from UP Diliman though. ^^

      1. Haha tama. Pero di na rin ako masyadong nagsasalita ng Tagalog (except sa bahay w/ the parents), daming mga Pinoy dito pero Americanized na sila (sadly, this includes my siblings). I call it 4th Grade Tagalog na lang haha. 😉

  3. Wow, congratulations on your scholarships! It can be a bit painful to wait for the results of these kinds of applications but when you finally get accepted, it’s a great feeling. Congratulations again and use this opportunity well! 🙂

  4. Kaaaate!! Glad I found your website and congrats! 🙂 You’re being harsh to yourself when there’s no reason for you to think like that. You’re already great, smart, and beautiful. And I know you want to do better. I just wanna say that I’m proud of you for your achievements. It’s good to know you’re enjoying college (nakita ko sa mga ig+fb pics hihi)! ???

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