I actually wanted to write about the Korean dramas I currently put on hold but I am afraid I am not qualified to give my opinions on a drama without having to watch every single episode of it. So I just decided to write about the Korean dramas I have completed for the month of July because it would take me a week if I am to write about all the dramas I have already finished.

I am actually a university student right now and I had only two weeks of ‘vacation’ before the semester started last August 9 so I am so sorry if I was able to watch only a few dramas. Now, let’s start. Shall we?

Descendants of the Sun
Score: 8/10

I am familiar with the cast especially Kim Ji‑won. I really like her characters in To The Beautiful You and The Heirs but I didn’t appreciate her acting in DOTS. I am also not very impressed with the acting of Song Joong‑ki and Song Hye-kyo. Their on-screen chemistry is not palpable enough for me. Sorry but I don’t like it when you know from the start that the leads will eventually end up together. Anyway, it was actually my first time to watch Jin Goo and I like his character the most. The drama kept my interest all throughout but no specific scene or even episode struck me. Honestly, it is weird to say that it was only entertaining because of the way Song Joong-ki speaks English. But the hype of this drama also made me feel like it has a sense of exoticism in it. The only scene I replayed multiple times was the one with Lee Kwang-soo because his expressions are really funny no matter how serious he is. Also, isn’t it interesting to see Kim Jong-kook running with the topless soldiers every morning since I guess he has better abs than them? ?

Secret Love
Score: 9/10

I love the pairing of Ji Sung and Hwang Jung-eum so much that I keep on wanting more even after watching Kill me, Heal me. Ji Sung’s character in this drama is so sexy all throughout. However, the way he hurts Hwang Jung-eum’s character in the first few episodes really bothered me. Nevertheless, this is one of the dramas I wouldn’t mind watching more than twice. There’s so much angst in the drama that while watching it, I can not function properly for all I want to do is giggle and squeal because of how good it is. I also can not move on that’s why I watched all the behind-the-scenes videos available online. Plus Ji Sung and Hwang Jung-eum’s kissing scenes are so mature and intense. ?

Another Oh Hae-young
Score: 8.5/10

I don’t know anyone from the cast except for Eric Mun. However, I only know him because I saw him on the Running Man. That’s why I thought I wouldn’t be able to finish this. I even had no expectations at all when I watched this drama. But I was surprised I enjoyed it. The chemistry of Eric Mun and Seo Hyun-jin was also undeniable and they delivered great kissing scenes. πŸ˜‰ However, I think some parts of the drama became dull and draggy. The ‘pretty Oh Hae-young’ isn’t also that pretty. Probably she’s only pretty because of her big eyes but I actually find the ‘just Oh Hae-young’ better looking. What I love the most from this drama is actually how open and expressive the leads were of their feelings. They did not beat around the bush. I also love the death scene of Eric Mun’s character’s father. It is probably the saddest death scene I’ve ever seen. It was so heartbreaking that I became so emotional watching it. The funny scenes were also humorous enough for me but sometimes they are awkward and inappropriate.

Splash Splash Love
Score: 7/10

I know this is not a drama but a television movie. ? Anyway, it was so strange of me to actually like its predictable plot. Yoon Doo Joon is just so charismatic and the scene when Kim Seul Gi went off on her horse singing Gangnam Style was the funniest. There’s nothing really special about this but it’s a good show to watch if you want to have a little break from watching a long drama.

For the month of August, I am almost finished watching Signal and Beautiful Gongshim but I am currently putting them on hold. I also dropped Doctors. But I am agonizing waiting for the next episodes of W and Uncontrollably Fond because I just cannot not watch the dramas of Lee Jong-suk and Kim Woo-bin (School 2013 fan here!). β™₯

8 thoughts on “Completed Korean Dramas for the Month of July”

  1. Oooh, these dramas look great and I will be adding them in my to-watch list. I currently have a long list of must-watch Korean dramas that I haven’t started because I’m focusing on Taiwanese dramas first (for language learning and all) πŸ˜€

  2. Hello there! I’m a Korean Series fan. I sometimes feel DOTS is kind of overrated haha. People watched it maybe because of JoongKi. Anyway, I like the thought of a soldier and a doctor love story haha.

    I have Kill Me Heal Me with me but I still need to download 16 more episodes lol. I am stuck in Episode 7 in Signal but so far I am loving the concept and story. I can’t manage to go back because new series keeps on popping up just like W which keeps me insane in every episode lol. I stopped on Episode 14 and patiently waiting for 16 to come out so I can have a good sleep haha.

    Thanks for recommending some. I have to try that Secret love.

    1. I think people watched DOTS because it’s Song Joong-ki’s first lead role after his mandatory military service. I put Signal and W on hold after watching 10 episodes and 4 episodes respectively. And as much as I want to finish them, I couldn’t because of school works. πŸ™ Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy Secret Love as much as I did. πŸ™‚

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