After a very stressful Accounting final exam yesterday, I thought watching Gravity will help me take the stress away. But no, I felt more stressed.

To be honest, I planned to watch the movie Gravity online but I thank my Mama for giving me money to spend.

Still wearing FEU uniform on a Sunday noon, my friend, Thea, and I ate lunch in SM San Lazaro and played basketball in Quantum. By 1:30 pm, we went to the cinema to watch the new movie I have always been pumped to watch, GRAVITY. But I hyperventilated more when I’ve seen both of Vanessa Hudgens’ new movie Machete Kills and Zac Efron’s new movie Parkland posters outside the cinema.

So wearing skirts, I expected to feel very cold but it was actually hot inside the cinema and I don’t know why. There were a few people inside the cinema but I felt like my friend and I were the only ones reacting in every scenes of the movie.

The first few minutes of the movie gave us a great view of the Earth in the space and honestly, it was quite boring. The actors were just talking to each other for like 20 minutes. Then, here comes the debris that made it quite exciting. After the debris attack, 3 people died and only Sandra and George were left alive. Seriously, seeing the dead bodies of the 3 people, especially their disgusting faces, gave me heart attack and I was like asking my friend if the movie we’re watching was actually a horror/suspense. There were times the movie has its downtime. But when Sandra was left completely alone, the movie started to be entertaining. It kept me on the edge of my seat. LITERALLY. I was breathing as hard as she was and I think my heart was jumping out of my chest. It’s been a while since a movie had made such an impact to me.

But now that I’m thinking of the movie, I’m starting to question myself – was it just about Sandra whining for two hours in space? Or so was the movie just the audience being dizzy for two hours?

I don’t know how many times the character of Sandra seek for something to grab to keep herself on the shuttle. It makes me want to grab that thing for her.

But after watching the movie, one thing’s for sure: Life is always worth fighting for.

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